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Marco Fallas, ConservationVIP's local guide in Costa Rica, shares his extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

Carol Clark

What makes the volunteer trip with ConservationVIP® in Costa Rica not only fascinating and memorable but also joyful?  — Our local guide, Marco Fallas!

Marco Fallas is the local guide on ConservationVIP's volunteer trips to Costa RicaGrowing up in the heart of Costa Rica, Marco developed an early passion for the natural world, and has since devoted his life to sharing his love of the country’s flora and fauna with visitors from all over the globe. With over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, Marco has become one of the most respected and sought-after guides in the country. His expert knowledge of the local ecosystems, combined with his gentle and easy-going nature, and his contagious smile makes him the perfect guide for ConservationVIP® volunteer trips.

During our 10-day Costa Rica volunteer trip, volunteers help protect the area’s biodiversity by participating in a sea turtle preservation program on the Burica Peninsula on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Along the way, Marco guides and works with us at an almond tree nursery to help support the endangered scarlet macaws scarlet macawand helps at Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge. Arriving in Punta Banco, Marco leaps at the opportunity to help us explore the beauty and diversity of this remote location in Costa Rica’s most natural landscape, while performing other important tasks: clearing beaches and brush and restoring or building endangered sea turtle nurseries. Heading back to San José the fun continues as we build Resplendent Quetzal nests.

toucan in Costa RicaMarco is known for his uncanny ability to spot even the most elusive of animals in the wild, from toucans and macaws to sloths and jaguars. He guides volunteers throughout this rewarding and fun trip from the metropolitan city of San José along pristine beaches to the tiny community of Punta Banco, and up into the Highlands through the rainforest over rugged mountains, offering a unique perspective on Costa Rica’s awe-inspiring natural wonders. With his infectious enthusiasm, incredible knowledge of the local landscape, and unwavering commitment to conservation, Marco is the perfect guide for anyone looking to travel with purpose and experience the smaller communities that this Costa Rica trip has to offer.

We promise that you will be taken in by Marco’s eagerness and high spirit, which are fed by his passion for nature. Marco is always eager to share his knowledge and experience with volunteers and will have you laughing, as he often begins his generous sharing of his knowledge of the natural and cultural history of Costa Rica with “and by the way” as he snaps his fingers and grins. Join us on a Costa Rica Volunteer Trip and see for yourself!

Marco's enthusiam is obvious

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