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Along the Way- Volunteering in Costa Rica

I’m not known for creative writing. Instead, my creative skills lay in photography, and combining photos and music into videos to tell a story. I joined ConservationVIP’s volunteer trip to Costa Rica last September, and I want to share my video blog with you. Along the Way is a round trip visual tour from the…

Gratitude to the Great Sky

Thanks to very generous donors to our Scholarship Program, ConservationVIP® was able to offer a scholarship to Daniel Humphrey so he could participate in our June 2023 Alaska Volunteer Trip. Here he reflects on his experience: “Gratitude to the Great Sky who holds billions of stars – and goes yet beyond that – beyond all…

Costa Rica Guide

What makes the volunteer trip with ConservationVIP® in Costa Rica not only fascinating and memorable but also joyful?  — Our local guide, Marco Fallas! Growing up in the heart of Costa Rica, Marco developed an early passion for the natural world, and has since devoted his life to sharing his love of the country’s flora and fauna…

North to Alaska

This past summer I spent nearly 2 weeks in Southeast Alaska on a ConservationVIP volunteer trip. I am left in awe. Seriously, I will make a feeble attempt to put into words what seems like such a mystery to me. How do such good things happen to someone as ordinary as me? Let’s start with…

Benvenuti in Italia!

We are excited to be officially counting down the days to our first ConservationVIP® trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, in October 2022! We thought you might enjoy a refresh on how our Cinque Terre conservation volunteer trip came to fruition from ConservationVIP® Program Manager, Carol Clark. Consisting of medieval villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between…

Nature Brings Out the Best in Us

I like the quotation “people need nature, nature does not need people.”  When we are in the natural world, in our backyards, parks, forests, backcountry or high up in the mountains, we feel peace, tranquility and contentment. ConservationVIP is an organization that facilitates people to go to beautiful places, to meet people locally and to…

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