Why Volunteer Travel with ConservationVIP?

Travel with Purpose to Extraordinary Destinations and much more

Offering a unique combination of destinations, projects, and people our volunteer trips are transformative. Travel with purpose, work on projects that truly make a difference, see these magnificent places in glorious detail, and share your experience with other like-minded people. Here are a few compelling reasons to volunteer with us.

Reason #1: Extraordinary Destinations

Extraordinary DestinationsOur remarkable destinations include sites with amazing scenery, stunning landscapes, and biological diversity. You’ll be enriched by the cultural and social diversity of local people at your destination. The unique array of places and people inevitably increases your understanding of and appreciation for the environment. You’ll surely treasure the inspiration you receive from your volunteer experience with ConservationVIP®.

Travel with PURPOSE!

Reason #2: Environmental Impact

ConservationVIP® volunteer projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Our volunteer trips engage in projects that support the U.N. goals of “Life on Land”, to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss” and “Life below Water”, “to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development” See the difference already made by our volunteers.

Reason #3: A Sense of Accomplishment

Group VolunteeringWhether you are new to volunteer travel or a veteran volunteer, our volunteer trips can offer you a deep sense of achievement and satisfaction. Because our group volunteer projects involve a variety of tasks, we can match the volunteers with the tasks that best suit them, so every person can contribute in a meaningful way. Through your efforts to help sustain and conserve some of the world’s most cherished landscapes and cultural sites, you make a genuine and positive contribution that promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability, all while feeling good doing it!

Reason #4: Experienced Trip Leaders

ConservationVIP® trip leaders have the experience, knowledge, and passion which combine to achieve the optimal impact on the conservation projects and on your volunteer experience. Our trip leaders are volunteers, so they understand the needs of volunteers. Identifying needs and interests, and working to meet those needs and satisfy your interests, while ensuring a safe and fun experience, is always on our radar. Our trip leaders are well organized outdoor enthusiasts committed to sustainability, safety, camaraderie, and project success.

Reason #5: Group Volunteering

Group VolunteeringGroup volunteering allows you to focus on the destination and the volunteer experience, while we take care of arranging meaningful volunteer projects, your lodging, food, and local transportation. With group volunteering, you can relax about volunteering in a foreign country even if you are not fluent in the local language. We are committed to ensuring a cooperative and collaborative group where people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and interests come together so all your contributions will be appreciated and together we can make a difference that lasts.

Reason #6: Create Lasting Memories

As seasoned hosts, we offer a welcoming and casual style of leading trips to special and very important destinations. We work hard to create an inclusive environment on each adventure volunteer trip and we aim to exceed expectations. Our volunteer travel groups include a wide range of ages and backgrounds, offering opportunities for unexpected and lasting connections. Many volunteers find themselves looking back on the spontaneous laughter, culturally-inspired food selections, and unique lodging experiences with fond memories that keep them smiling for years. In fact, many of our volunteers call for an encore and return to sign-up for a new destination!




Travel with Purpose

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