Conservation Volunteers International Program

ConservationVIP® is driven by purpose, not profit.

We help sustain some of the world’s greatest landscapes, cultural heritage sites and biodiversity.

Join us on a volunteer trip to Travel with Purpose!

Discover the World, Restore the World.

Experience the Nonprofit Difference

Volunteer travel with ConservationVIP®

  • opens doors to people, places and projects not available to ordinary tourists.
  • is a responsible travel choice since you will help the environment.
  • ensures that volunteering is the focus, not just a footnote.
  • an easy way to travel. We handle the arrangements.
  • a rewarding travel experience. You share your talents and energy. We all share the camaraderie. The sense of accomplishment is yours to keep.
  • arrive as a stranger, leave as a friend.

Travel with our Nonprofit. Travel with Purpose!

A few of the Destinations ConservationVIP Helps

Torres del Paine Volunteer Trip


Cinque Terre, Italy Volunteer Trip


Machu Picchu Volunteer Trip


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contribute no matter where you are!

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