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Praise for Gene Zimmerman

What kind of person would spend more than ten years volunteering thousands of hours for an environmental nonprofit, without drawing attention to himself and his contributions? We have such a person in our organization, and I decided this is the right time to call him out. Behind his back some people have called him John…

A Birthday Present to Ourselves

Conservation Volunteers International Program: The name really does not easily roll off the tongue. It is way too long. What were our founders thinking ten years ago when they chose a name for our nonprofit? It is not easy to come up with a new name. A name needs to be unique and memorable. They…

Thinking about Impact

Would you read the report on ConservationVIP® impact if I told you that it uses the word SEX multiple times?

Mission Impossible?

Are we on a mission impossible? When I took on the role of CEO for Conservation Volunteers International Program five years ago, I knew it would be a difficult task. The image of Don Quixote came to mind. ConservationVIP® leads volunteer trips to world-class destinations to work on conservation projects. The nonprofit was started in…

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