Travel Insurance

Conservation Volunteers International Program requires that every trip participant on our volunteer trips must have at least $50,000 of medical insurance and $500,000 of emergency evacuation insurance valid in the trip destination.

We encourage the purchase of general travel insurance as well. Comprehensive travel insurance may provide protection for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, loss of baggage and travel documents and baggage delay. The amount of general travel insurance coverage you purchase is a personal decision which you can make after comparing the insurance types available and the cost of the different plans.

Timing your Travel Insurance Purchase – Consider Buying at Time of Initial Reservation. If you purchase coverage at the time of your initial reservation and deposit payment, the ‘Pre-existing Conditions Exclusion’ may be waived by your insurance company (certain exclusions apply), and you may be able to buy “cancel for any reason” travel insurance.

You may want to consider “cancel for any reason travel insurance“. This type of travel insurance needs to be purchased soon after you make an initial payment for the trip. If you buy the insurance at the time of the initial deposit, you may be able to purchase the insurance to cover the deposit, and then add on to the amount of the insurance coverage as you make further payments for airline reservations and the remaining trip payments. There have been numerous recent travel insurance related articles which you may find helpful. A quick Google search will bring up the most recent articles.

ConservationVIP® is not a licensed travel insurance provider and does not make specific company recommendations. We encourage each trip participant to research and educate themselves about their travel options and costs, and to contact a licensed travel insurance provider with your questions. Other than the medical and emergency evacuation insurance required (see above), we leave your choice travel insurance up to you. We also leave your choice of insurance company up to you.

To help you compare and choose the insurance you prefer, here are links to a few programs previously used by our travelers:

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